Leader’s in Alzheimer’s disease research, TauRx has a strong and defensible intellectual property position. Over the past 23 years of research in the tau pathology of Alzheimer’s disease, Professor Wischik’s team has generated a multi-layered portfolio of patents and patent applications which TauRx believes will permit a strong defensive intellectual property position. This consists of over 678 granted patents in 25 patent families, with a further 145 patents pending. The core patents provide cover through 2032.

Having pioneered a new pathway towards effective treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s, the company’s success to date is also due to collaborations with organisations that span a variety of fields. Achieving the company’s long term vision and commercial goals will require further alliances and TauRx is pleased to consider new potential collaborators and or partners from:

Should your company match the business development interests of TauRx as outlined above, please contact us